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Nov 7, 2009
Oct 5, 2009
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(Micro Crab)

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Nov 7, 2009
    1. cloie74
      for both water dishes they should be deep enough for your biggest crab to fully submerge past his eyeballs but with stones and stuff in there so they can climb out and not drown. You need both salt water (Marine mix like oceanic natural sea salt you can get it at the pet store) and fresh purified water tap water is very bad for crabs. You dont have to buy fancy bowls at the pet store, you can use little plastic rubermaid dishes and things like that to save you some $$ most of the reptile dishes they sell arent deep enough anyway
    2. manolo578
      Is a digital one better than an analog? At my petstore, they are $25!
    3. cloie74
      Is the Hydrometer analog or digital?
      If it is analog you need to calibrate it.
      It is super easy, just get a soda bottle cap and fill it with table salt.
      Drip a few drops of water on it to make the salt damp but not drippy wet.
      Stick the cap of damp salt and your hydrometer in a ziploc bag and seal it up.
      Check on it 3-4 hours later and it should be reading at 75% if it isnt it is off, some of them have a screw in the back to adjust it, if your does not you just have to remember how for off it is and adjust your humidity accordingly.
      The last one I had was 20%off! I was pretty much drowning my crabs because I thought I needed so much more humidity in there than I actually did!
    4. manolo578
      Yeah, I dont have a salt water bowl at the moment. I have a fresh water. Is the salt water in bottles good enough or should I get some from an aquarium store?
    5. cloie74
      You can tape the hole with duct tape, just make sure you tape both sides so they dont stick to it ;)
      Your humidity should be fine if you keep the lid on, your substrate is damp and you have 2 water bowls, salt and fresh.
      If need be you can mist the sides of the tank with warm salt water to raise the humidity, get a good humidity gauge and make sure you read the sticky post under general care on how to calibrate it, they dont give accurate readings right out of the package!
    6. cloie74
      You can do half and half, the crabs will also bur in the coconut husk substrate as well
      When you get the Coconut stuff you should soak it in Salt Water It prevents mold and helps with tank humidity.
      If you have a regular tank lid like the kind with the light socket in it you shouldnt need a glass top. I have just a regular aquarium lid on mine also.
      I have a 20 gal glass tank with a side mounted UTH AND Heat bulbs, but I live in New England and it is fall and starting to get chilly here. So and UTH may be fine for you if you live in a warm area but you may need to supplement with a heat bulb as well.
      Crabs need 12 hrs of light and 12 hrs of dark so remember that when buying a bulb for heat, a black light heat bulb will offer heat but a glow that is OK for their dark time.
    7. Hermies4Ever
      Hello, welcome to HCRU!!! Would you like to be my friend???

      P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!!
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