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Donny (TMNT)
Last Activity:
Nov 14, 2009
Oct 7, 2009
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NOPE! just a bum!

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Donny (TMNT)

(Large Crab), from wonderland

Donny (TMNT) was last seen:
Nov 14, 2009
    1. Hermies4Ever
      I am not sure yet. I will veiw all the pictures again.
    2. shelbers91
      That's good :) what is new with you?
    3. Mckenny
      LOL...yes, I guess I am a serious crabber. I adopted a bunch from a Navy guy that was being deployed, and now everyone is a big, happy family. I got my tank from someone on Craig's List, which was in very good condition. I really like the bigger tank because it is wide and makes it easier to do things inside.
    4. Hermies4Ever
      I think it's an honor to be friends with you!!! You're really nice, humorous, and very knowledgeable about hermit crabs!!! You obviously know a lot about them!!!

      If you want my opinion on some people to befriend, I will give it to you:

      NitaRocks!, RoxyLupin, Crabby_Crazy, Hermie's rule, manolo578, jissxc, and rugh1982. . .;););)
    5. Hermies4Ever
      Hey, Donny!!! Just thought you might like to see this. . . These are the number of Karma Points (or posts) you have to do, before the caption under your Username changes.

      1 Hi, I'm New Here! 0
      2 "Never Molted" 30
      3 (Micro Crab) 60
      4 "Preparing For First Molt" 120
      5 "First Molt In Progress" 150
      6 "First Molt, A Success" 200
      7 (Small Crab) 250
      8 "Preparing For Second Molt" 350
      9 "Second Molt In Progress" 450
      10 "Second Molt, A Success" 500
      11 (Medium Crab) 600
      12 "Preparing For Third Molt" 750
      13 "Third Molt In Progress" 850
      14 "Third Molt, A Success" 900
      15 (Large Crab) 1000
      16 "Preparing For Fourth Molt" 1250
      17 "Fourth Molt In Progress" 1350
      18 "Fourth Molt, A Success" 1450
      19 (JUMBO CRAB) 1550
      20 "Email For Custom Title" 1850

      P.S. So, have you made any new friends???
    6. Mckenny
      Hey there Donatello (yes, I STILL watch them) LOL.
      I do have crabs---23 of them in a 75 gallon tank. I would like to get a bigger tank but I really don't have the room---drats!
    7. Hermies4Ever
      Hi, Donny!!!

      I posted a visitor message on Tianmax's personal profile!!!

      P.S. Thanks for informing you about him/her!!!;););)
    8. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      I feel as good as gold! (I guess)...
    9. shelbers91
      Heys! Thanks for the friend request :) how are you?
    10. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Most of the time I'm trying too hard.
    11. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Donny, you are SO FUNNY!!!! :D Oh my gosh you crack me up so much!!!
    12. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      I'm currently trying to get us many friends as I can!
      Thanks for accepting!
    13. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Thanks for the friend request, Donny! :D I'm so glad we're buddies!
    14. Hermies4Ever
      I did, I replied!!!

      P.S. I have to go. . . I may be on later tonight. . .:D:D:D
    15. Hermies4Ever
      They used to be on my list!!! Remember, I had 61 friends!!!
    16. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Yeah, I wish I had a 20 gal. That would be awesome.

      PS. check your visitor profile posts.
    17. Hermies4Ever
      10 small hermit crabs can fit in a 20-gallon tank, and 5 medium hermit crabs can fit in a 20-gallon tank. . .;););)
    18. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      It's a sad story, but I only have on, Shelle. The other two died because I wasn'y taking propper care of them. I changed a lot of things, and Shelle seems happier, except that I can't stand how lonely she looks when I see her. Now I really need to get more hermies.
    19. Hermies4Ever
      How many hermies do you have, currently???;););)
    20. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      a got a 10 gal., but I want to get a 20 gal. so I can get some more crabs.
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  • About

    NOPE! just a bum!
    How long have you been crabbing?:
    since 1546 B.C.
    How many crabs do you have?:
    *sniff* one...
    Whatsize crabitat do you have?:
    sorry, my keyboard doesn't have an "infinity" sign...
    What Is Your Favorite Species, If Any Favorite?::
    How Often Do You Visit www.HermitCrabsRus.com::
    probably too much.
    How You Heard About HermitCrabsRus.com?::
    it all a started when a magical leprichon came up to me...
    I..um..own a crab...is this interview over yet?

    eating and sleeping, and checking out HCRU


    bump it up!