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Nov 27, 2015
Jan 14, 2009
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Seattle, WA

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"PM Jason For Custom Title", from Seattle, WA

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Nov 27, 2015
    1. cococrisp
      Yes, I have. It's great! :D
    2. NitaRocks!
      Have you seen my photo in the July Photo Contest?
    3. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      I love them too!
    4. crabtacular
      cococrisp - I LOVE your crab's names!!! VERY CREATIVE & FUN!!!
    5. cococrisp
      Humph. THe lights are probably not great for them. I put mine on the very top of the tank.
    6. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      That's so cool! THey must be really fun to climb on! :D Great idea? Do you mind if I steal it? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    7. cococrisp
      Why not permanently?
    8. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Really! That's so cool! Is t just for your b-day or permanently?
    9. cococrisp
      Awesome. Have fun decorating! :D I'm putting some Christmas light is my tank! They are going to swirl around and light up. Unfortunately I only have white ones.
    10. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Happy almost B-Day! :D Mine's in July! Oh, and we're getting the 35 gallon on Sunday! It's actually at her mom's house, which isn't in our town, but it's still a short drive! Yay! My hermies will be so excited! :D
    11. cococrisp
      Yes. I think it'll be pretty cool. My birthday is next week so I'm hoping that will get me started. :D
    12. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Oh sorry for not replying! I totally forgot! My camera broke, and we got a throwaway but I think that might have broken too. LOL. I can't wait to see your new arrangement! I really hope I can get that 35g!
    13. OneOnion
      Cool. I used to have a tortoise that looked like that but like 5x bigger and she was only 6 years old. She was an African Desert Tortoise.
    14. cococrisp
      Russian Tortoise. I brought her to the vet yesterday and they said she is super healthy!
    15. OneOnion
      Cococrisp, what kind of turtle do you have? :o
    16. cococrisp
      Thanks. I would say craigslist. Everyone here would probably say that. I just found 9 hermit crabs on there right near me. You can find a ten gallon for about $5 or less. Good luck. What's you location. I can look for you or have you already found some?
    17. xxteargodxx
      Hello, would it be okay if we chatted for a bit? I'm interested in purchasing a hermit crab soon and have read some of your posts on the forums. You seem to know a great deal about them.

      I was curious if you know of any shops online where I might be able to purchase some cheap low priced or second hand accessories? Mostly I am thinking a 10 gallon tank or cage and heater. I'm on a bit of a budget but would really like to get a crab for a pet soon.

      Thanks if you decide to reply =)
    18. haleye1997
      it si great that you rescued Kiwi! and i ove the new name!
    19. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      I LOVE your Valentines day contest picture! The decorations are so beautiful and your hermies are so cute!
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  • About

    Seattle, WA
    How long have you been crabbing?:
    SInce August 30 2008
    How many crabs do you have?:
    13 hermit crabs.
    Whatsize crabitat do you have?:
    I had a 10 gallon crabitat but I just got a new 75 gallon cheap on craigslist!
    What Is Your Favorite Species, If Any Favorite?::
    I love all hermit crabs but I really love E's because of their cute eyes I don't really have a favor
    How Often Do You Visit www.HermitCrabsRus.com::
    How You Heard About HermitCrabsRus.com?::
    I just googled Hermit crab forum.
    Hermit crabs and reptiles


    Coco-Crisp-Snap-Crackle-Pop-Kiwi-Lucky-Charm-Cheerio-Jumbo~Skippy ~ Cookie~ Milk ~Buddy and Stripy :):D:p:cool: