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Nov 27, 2015
Jan 14, 2009
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Seattle, WA

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"PM Jason For Custom Title", from Seattle, WA

cococrisp was last seen:
Nov 27, 2015
    1. cococrisp
      Thanks I don't really know what to make it. Do you have any ideas.
    2. NitaRocks!
      Congrats on the custom title!
    3. cococrisp
      I don't know when I'll be on. I am on when I"m on and I can chat then :D
    4. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Hey, coco!
      Do ya want to chat sometime?
      name the time!
    5. Hermies4Ever
      Now you only have 31 more posts until you catch up to Vckums!!! You can do it, Cococrisp!!! I know you can!!!
    6. Hermies4Ever
      Wow, you are only 53 posts away from Vckums!!!
    7. Hermies4Ever
      Kay!!! Have fun!!!
    8. cococrisp
      Someone elses probably. I don't know. I have not really looked at everyone. I'll go do that now. :D
    9. Hermies4Ever
      Are you going to vote for yourself, Coco, or another member's picture???
    10. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Yo, Coco!
      Are you voting in the October contest?
      Its in two days! WHOH!
    11. cococrisp
      Feed him calcium and protein rich foods like honey, peanut butter, shrimp and other things.
    12. manolo578
      What do I do if my crab is hanging out of his shell but he is still alive? I think he is molting.
    13. cococrisp
      I'm thinking of entering lucky in the photo contest. I've got a nice pic of her clinging for dear life to a leaf.
    14. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Hey, Coco!
      Haven't talked to ya' in a while!
      I guess I should, since you were so kind as to join my friend's list!
      So, which one of your crabs are your favorite? Can you show a picture?
      See Ya!
    15. cococrisp
      Er... I'm not really getting the email....
    16. cococrisp
      Sure. I wasn't on yesterday.
    17. Hermies4Ever
      Cococrisp, Donny is currently trying to collect friends. . . (He's new. . .) Would you please accept his friendship request, and let him be yours???
    18. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Hey, coco, wanna be on my friends list?
    19. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Oh my gosh, coco!!! :D You're e-mail for custom title!!! Congrats! :D What's your name going to be?
    20. cococrisp
      Welcome;D I like chatting.
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  • About

    Seattle, WA
    How long have you been crabbing?:
    SInce August 30 2008
    How many crabs do you have?:
    13 hermit crabs.
    Whatsize crabitat do you have?:
    I had a 10 gallon crabitat but I just got a new 75 gallon cheap on craigslist!
    What Is Your Favorite Species, If Any Favorite?::
    I love all hermit crabs but I really love E's because of their cute eyes I don't really have a favor
    How Often Do You Visit www.HermitCrabsRus.com::
    How You Heard About HermitCrabsRus.com?::
    I just googled Hermit crab forum.
    Hermit crabs and reptiles


    Coco-Crisp-Snap-Crackle-Pop-Kiwi-Lucky-Charm-Cheerio-Jumbo~Skippy ~ Cookie~ Milk ~Buddy and Stripy :):D:p:cool: