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Nov 14, 2009
Sep 15, 2009
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"Second Molt, A Success"

cloie74 was last seen:
Nov 14, 2009
    1. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      It's okay!
      I used to thnk social groups were stupid at first,
      so I understand.
    2. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Hey Cloie!
      Do ya' want to join my social group? Its name is "What's up?"
      Its for talking about up-coming site events.
    3. cloie74
      yes you should keep the shell (As long as it isnt a painted shell.)
      Sorry about your crab :(
    4. manolo578
      One of my crabs died. When I take him to the petstore, should I take him out of his shell becasue he has a nice shell.
    5. manolo578
      Do you feed your crabs eggshells? And if so, do you take them off a hard boiled egg or wash ones from a cracked egg?
    6. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Yo, Cloe!
      I think you should vote "yes" on the hermit crab chat paige in the "loung".
      It's pretty cool.
    7. manolo578
      Does it matter if I pick up Manster, because he will always come out on my hand even if I am just taking him out to mist the moss pit. And they all sleep in the moss pit, but theres one who doesnt come out. Should I ISO a part of my tank incase he is molting?
    8. Donny (TMNT)
      Donny (TMNT)
      Thanks for accepting my friends request, cloie!
    9. manolo578
      The humidity is at normal temp. I got the three crabs. Very rowdy and one was eager and looking around. Now they are all sleeping and resting in their new home. Is an ISO tank needed for thier molts? THe pet store said it is uncommon for cannabalism to occur. I will just cut a lid off the top of a pop bottle until I can save up for a small ISO tank and proper heating and all of that stuff
    10. shelbers91
      that's good :) i got hector unsocialized, so he was scared and bit everyone, well.. me cuz no one else owuld touch him lol im still working with him on being calm
    11. cloie74
      Because their gills can't handle all the moisture They arent meant to be under water for more than a few moments. They are land crabs.
      90% is way too high you want it between 75%-80% you can prop the lid open a bit to let some of the humidity escape.
    12. manolo578
      Right now it read 90% when I got home. I dont get how they can drown from over humidity?
    13. manolo578
      My hydrometer is at 80% when all i have right now is some moist sand. Mabye it didnt calibrate right and now I have to guess the humidity. Im thinking of just gettting a normal one for around the house or mabye a digital one
    14. manolo578
      ALright, ill see about the salt water dish
    15. manolo578
      Also, do I need a salt water dish? I dont have one at the moment but I also dont have crabs. Should I get one when I get my crabs?
    16. shelbers91
      Yours i so cyte by the way lol :) She looks like she would be an awesome bird!
    17. shelbers91
      This is Hector after his bath! lol

      And Hector showin off his wingers.

      And Oh i got bored for like 2 days and made this of Hector, what ya think? Its not the best quality, but thats the only flyinc pic i could get.

      I also have budgies fish and hermit crabs lol
    18. shelbers91
      Cool! you have a cockatiel? What kind? I have a cinnamon Cockatiel named Hector! i can get a pic if ya want
    19. manolo578
      Right now, I have a Flukers Thermometer and A Flukers Hydrogmeter
    20. manolo578
      Is the small opening ok for a while and then I get a full arquarium lid? I am afraid of my hermies crawling up my plants and going out while I am at school. Also, wouldn't i need a glass cover to keep humidity from escaping?
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    9 Crabbies and counting!
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    Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Ty, Plum & DoZer
    RIP to PPS - Squidward, Jaws and Poke We will miss you! :(
    Also a Cockatiel named Kiwi!